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Villa RomboliĀ  | Marina di Pisa

Restoration, renovation and conversion of an historic building

Villa Romboli | Marina di Pisa

Villa Romboli is a historic Art Nouveau residence overlooking Bocca d’Arno, the port of Marina di Pisa which houses the sales office of Marina Development Corporation and a cafeteria open to the public. The project was developed together with studio Delfina Design for the interior design and Land for the landscaping.


Uninhabited since before the Great War, it has been completely restored in accordance with the Superintendency, the project safeguards the historical value of the property and the original elements of the villa, from the external friezes to the original floors, to the frescoed vaults, combining latest generation materials and high-end furnishings with a contemporary taste and soft colors. An important function will be performed by the lighting, designed to further enhance the beauty of the ancient residence.


Villa Romboli is the beginning of a project that will transform the Marina di Pisa area into a new tourist area that will host 280 residences, 115 hotel rooms with swimming pool and spa, 20 commercial spaces, five restaurants, a congress center and a public park of 15,000 sqm and a theater for events or congresses with at least 400 seats.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli


Ing. Gianluca Anolfo


Marina Development Corporation




600 sqm



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