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Rail Collection| Luce di Carrara


Rail Collection | Luce di Carrara

Pierattelli Architetture interprets the marble surface with delicacy and discretion, giving life to the new Rail collection for Luce di Carrara, a brand that has been combining the uniqueness of natural stone with design planning for twenty years. At the Fuorisalone in the spaces of the Tube Gallery, Luce di Carrara presents a new Total Look vision under the creative direction of Attila Veress, with a catalog that includes a wide range of covering solutions with particular textures, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, as as solutions for bathrooms, living areas, lighting and objects for the home.


The Rail collection comes in three different textures: Tail, Dash-Dot and Step


The grooves of Tail are orderly, architectural, to be completed and filled with metal inserts that embellish the material. In the strokes of Dash-Dot, discontinuous milling characterized by palpable pauses and geometric traces refer to the idea of ​​a precise and artisanal manufacturing. On the other hand, essentiality and clean lines emerge, step by step, in Step where, to better capture the light, the large part of the slab is smooth and soft to the touch, while the smaller part is rough and rough.


Arch. Andrea Pierattelli

Arch. Claudio Pierattelli


Arch. Marta Bianchi


Nicola Gnesi


Luce di Carrara



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