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Unaway Congress Hotel, San Lazzaro (Bologna)

Renovation project, interior design e landscape design

Unaway | San Lazzaro (Bologna)

The project consists in the expansion of the restaurant of the Unaway Congress Hotel through the creation of new internal glass courtyards for the passage of natural light, enriched with greenery and welcoming furnishings. The restyling is part of a larger project that concerns not only the reception area but also the pool area, the SPA with gym and the outdoor bar. Given the commercial character of the hotel, the spaces for catering and those dedicated to relaxation are also open to external guests, offering events and training courses aimed at a wider target.

The idea of ​​the project is to add three different volumes to the original structure to give greater dynamism to the whole. The new blocks are wood and glass cubes ranging from approximately 60 to 80 square meters: spaces in which the new restaurant will be located.The restaurant concept was designed to bring nature into the rooms, communicating with the new park that will be built at the rear. A glass wall that slides on itself binds to the amphitheater, which will be used in the future to create events that can be experienced by the entire neighboring area.

The swimming pool follows the same concept as the restaurant being usable by both hotel guests and external guests. It fits into the landscape by presenting two large side decks and a single infinity pool made with Verde Alpi marble. The project is completed by a bar and an outdoor gym.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli


Renovation project, interior design e landscape design


UnipolSai Group


2021-on going


5000 sqm


On going

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