Hotel in Trastevere | Rome - Pierattelli Architetture

Hotel in Trastevere | Rome (Lazio)

Project Concept, 2018

The project concerns the restyling of a hotel located in the middle of the characteristic neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome. The main aim is to preserve the high-defined identity of the area by enhancing the most unique features and, at the same time, realizing a relaxing and cozy space.


A hotel able to meld with the typical colours and glimpses of the district. For this reason some distinctive elements have been chosen such as the characteristic chromatic palette, the greenery that connotes facades, balconies and terraces, travertine as the most popular ornamental material of the city and the arch as the characteristic element of Roma and its important imperial past and as the main feature of roman architecture became possibile. By balancing all these elements the realization of a welcoming and warm space able to reinterpret some traditional elements of the district through a contemporary interpretation.


Not far from the place there are the Terme di Caracalla, famous for their stunning mosaics and decorative elements. Between the many, a polycrome fan pattern has been chosen to represent the tradition of the city by having, at the same time, a modern appeal.

Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Ing. Gianluca Anolfo

Arch. Riccardo Melchionna

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli

Arch. Claudio Pierattelli

Arch. Antonio Saporito









4500 sqm




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