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Fosso Bandito | Firenze

Fosso Bandito is part of the rehabilitation project of the area surrounding Parco delle Cascine, Florence. The project consist on the regeneration of an area of 4500 square metres, the focal point of which is the elegant restaurant. In this project, once again, the main characteristics are the sustainability, the relationship with the natural setting, the movement as a symbol of new creative energy and the attention to details. The restaurant, with its large space focused on the continuous circular table inviting guests to socialise under the large central skylight, sets the tone for the whole. The aim is to create a conceptual and material connection between the new building and its natural setting: this is achieved by using natural materials, (stone and marble as well as wood), for the floors and wall coatings for the rooms, from the dining room to the bathrooms. The outdoor spaces of Fosso Bandito are relaxing and recreating spots: a play area for children and an events area, while the sinuous layout of the park creates a very natural atmosphere in which all materials and furnishings are characterized by their close connection to nature.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Arch. Antonio Saporito

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli

Dott. Daniele Canuti



A.R.K. Srl





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