HEADQUARTER HERA - Modena - Pierattelli Architetture

The plan satisfies the Hera necessity to realize a tower building for offices with a meeting hall, many- functional formative rooms and, in addiction, an industrial building to be used as a storage-workshop to support the existent ones. The plan foresees the separation between Hera activities Service Zone and the Manager Zone, creating a building to be used as a workshop. It is semicircular,  with no opening towards the office zone. There  will be a wing separating the two functions, both industrial and managerial. The idea of the new industrial complex has been designed thinking of a building which could transmit a dynamic image of Hera: it raises from the ground like an energy explosion enhancing the company mission. In the preliminary project is planned a square surrounded by the offices for the costumer and the poly-functional spaces, hidden from the whole plot by two artificial hills covered with field grass and arboreal essences. Thanks to the two hills and square, the Hera headquarter will get a natural look, mitigating the service volumes’ presence and creating a movement effects and  astonishing sights of garden zones.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Arch. Antonio Saporito


HERA S.p.a.





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