Immobiliare Valleverde - Firenze - Pierattelli Architetture

Immobiliare Valleverde – Firenze

The building  is placed in the Municipality of Campi Bisenzio, in an area characterized by huge constructions rising from those grounds which in the past were destined to agriculture. The project reminds to  a highly stylized Greek temple raising up impressively, instead of hiding, its huge dimension. The choice to move back the facade standing above the great openings, ashlar stone treated, as if  in a Florentine palace of Renaissance, exalts the light and shade effects.
The plan of the building is made by two big rectangular blocks with corner pillars that are getting bigger and bigger, having the cylindrical shape of a massive column. The column-pillars are surmounted by a crowning frame entablature, which overhangs on the facade and that is enhanced  by a diamond cut motif impressed on the surface.
The floating wave, hooked up by metal caves to the column-pillars, is broken in correspondence of the offices where a lowered arch is crowned by a level of regular openings.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Arch. Antonio Saporito

Arch. Anna Paola Grieco

Arch. Cristina Brandelloni



Immobiliare Valleverde





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