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Caterina | Officine Gullo

Product, 2020

Caterina | Officine Gullo

By working closely with the Tuscan company Officine Gullo, a leader in the production of excellent kitchens, a furniture collection is born. Among these, Caterina takes shape, the result of a long process of designing and perfecting the structure, dimensions, proportions and shapes. With a continuous profile in chromed metal, the particularity of the seat is found in the legs, which converge inwards. Elegant and regal, the chair takes its name from Caterina De Medici who exported Italian cuisine to Henry’s court of France.


Arch. Claudio Pierattelli

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli

Product Design
Pierattelli Architetture + Officine Gullo
2020 – 2021

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