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K House | Firenze


K House | Firenze

A big window looks out on to one of the most famous views in the world, the medieval stone arch bridge of Ponte Vecchio, as though a picture of the city had been painted there in the living room. The location is out of this world and its unique view represents a stunning frame through which to enjoy the city without being suffocated by it. The apartment is located in via dei Bardi, in the heart of Florence, and occupies 130 square meters on one floor. It is based on an interior design project characterised by an approach to comfort that is able to return quality without displaying it. Attention to detail emerges from the furnishings: all handmade and bespoke by local craftsmen. The interiors are dominated by shades of white and blue that, in their different nuances, create a relaxing atmosphere aimed at pointing up the minimalist design of the rooms, in which iconic design pieces stand out. The space was designed to be in constant harmony with the context, permeable to natural light. The recurring element in the living room is also blue, which can be found in a number of details, from the border stitching of the divans to the surface of the console: a note of colour that creates a pleasant contrast between the burnished brass finishes and the warm woods of the floor and furniture. The large living area includes a dining room and kitchen by Arclinea, respect the dominant colours of white and blue. Fine materials and the overall elegance of the furnishings lend a contemporary, refined touch to the room, all of whose lighting is designed by Flos. The double bed and its impressive headboard stand out in the main bedroom, which comes with a walk-in wardrobe. A touch of colour in a white-dominated, neutral, relaxing environment is lent by the upholstery and distinctive wardrobe. Sophisticated, warm Navona travertine, a natural milky-white-coloured stone with ivory veining of great luminosity, was chosen for the bathroom.

Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Arch. Claudio Pierattelli

Arch. Antonio Saporito

Arch. Andrea Pierattelli











130 sqm




Matteo Zita

Iuri Niccolai



Best project 2018


Via de' Bardi, 52, 50125 Firenze FI, Italia

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