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Tenuta di Forci | Lucca


Tenuta di Forci | Lucca

The aim of the project is to reach the maximum sustainability with a concept that will be the foundation of all activities around the Tenuta. Living according to the rythm of nature, respecting local traditions and pre-existing structures.
With the use of recovered materials from the area, considering production process es and lifecycle environmental impacts, the project focus on redefining the relationship between man and nature.


The Forci estate probably has its origins in the 14th century, built mainly for hunting.
The first owners wer the Buonvisi family, which dates back to the times of Otto III of Germany, when there is mention of aBuonviso – state councilor of that Emperor – who came to Lucca around 900. By the Rennaissance, the tenuta became the seat of a cultural and artistic cenacle at an European level. On the 18th century, Forci went through some modernizations and a central elevation. Rebuilding of the primitive oratory into a real church, commissioned by the Buonvisi to the architect Domenico Martinelli from Lucca, well known abroad, including in Vienna and Prague. By that period the agricutural trace of the area was well set, with major productions of olive oil and wine.


On the most recent decades, the Count’s granddaughter, Diamantina Scola-Camerini, took care of Forci with the same love as her grandfather first, dedicated to reconcile progress and tradition. Today the estate is managed directly with agricultural workers and the main crops are, as always, vineyards and olive groves. Its products: oil, wine, vinegar, olives, pecorino and ricotta, honey, and grappa. Ancient and new, pulsating and regenerated, it’s inevitable to feel a serenity that comes from respect for this civilization which is in turn so respectful of the measure of man and nature. Unavoidable to also feel the constant effort of all those who live and work in Forci to comply with the motto of the Buonvisi, the ancient and first owners:


“Tutto il giorno penso a ben fare” “Everyday I think about working well”


Arch. Andrea Pierattelli


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli

Arch. Antonio Saporito

Arch. Edison Silva

Arch. Paola Grieco







2022-on going


2000 sqm

25 hec



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