Sant'Appiano Wine Cellar | Barberino Val d'Elsa - Pierattelli Architetture

Sant’Appiano Wine Cellar | Barberino Val d’Elsa


Sant’Appiano Wine Cellar | Barberino Val d’Elsa

Sant’Appiano farm is an old spot that has mainteined ancient memories for a long time. It was necessary to get a special attention and a great sensitivity in the restoration process respecting work times, owed to the vineyard needs, and preserving the existent tuff that covers the main rooms vaults besides the use of new materials.
The aim was not to modify the aesthetical characters of the place but to respect them, as if they haven’t changed in time. For this reason typical materials of the area have been used, like terracotta and grey stone for floors, barrique barrel wood for lamps and screens in furnishings. Some furnishing objects remind to the vineyard: the grape-shaped table and the two-meters-high copper grape leaves made by Andrea Chiarantini, a Florentine sculptor. The most important architectonic forms are in the cellar, like the niches in the wine tasting room – according to recent researches probably ancient Etruscan tombs – properly illuminated with a warm diffuse light.


Arch. Massimo Pierattelli


Arch. Antonio Saporito

Dott. Daniele Canuti

Arch. Isabella Busoni



Cantine Sant’Appiano





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