ADF | 02-2018 - Pierattelli Architetture

ADF | 02-2018

ADF | Architects Data File | ARVAL HEADQUARTER

Pierattelli Architetture has designed a concept combining in one project a distinctive iconic shape, technological innovation, and social and environmental sustainability. Arval is one of the leading companies in long-term car rental and its new headquarters in Florence represents the themes of social and environmental sustainability that characterise the company. The “Photovoltaic Bolt” aims to be a building that “architectonically represents a landscape landmark – an architecture where the word ‘sustainability’ is not just an abstract or decorative concept”. The “Bolt” is a Climate House Class A building without emissions and self-sufficient thanks to geothermal pumps and photovoltaic panels. The 7000 m2 of offices and common spaces are distributed over three floors and a basement that each host about 200 employees per floor. Spaces are articulated around a central dorsal on a north-south axis to provide an east-west direction and guarantee a correct sunlight position. The complex has huge photovoltaic wings, realised through special photovoltaic flexible panels with a high efficiency, located on a lightweight steel structure and integrated with the ones on the roof.