“Milàn l’è on gran Milàn” for Italy Segreta - Pierattelli Architetture

“Milàn l’è on gran Milàn” for Italy Segreta

Milan: the capital of design and creativity, a city constantly moving and changing, a city able to always offer new destinations to design and architecture enthusiasts.

In the article “Milàn l’è on gran Milàn” for Italy Segreta – a new Italian lifestyle brand – the architect Claudio Pierattelli unveils an unusual itinerary of Milan, among Baroque complexes, masterpieces of Italian rationalism and works of contemporary architecture created by the most important designers of the international scene.

The architect offers an overview of the metropolis starting from the early 1900s, a period when the ideas of the great masters of Italian architecture and design take shape, concluding with contemporary and sustainable today’s Milan architecture.

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