"La città dei mille" for Italy Segreta - Pierattelli Architetture

“La città dei mille” for Italy Segreta

Fascinating historical and contemporary architectures to be discovered in Bergamo

In the new article for Italy Segreta, architect Claudio Pierattelli recommends 8 unconventional destinations in Bergamo. Among historic palaces and centers of innovation, discovering the city from which, over a century and a half ago, a large part of the expedition of the Thousand led by Giuseppe Garibaldi departed.

“The two cities [Città Alta and Città Bassa] fit perfectly into each other in a dance of uphill alleys and tree-lined avenues, emphasizing even more the close link that still exists today between the historic part of the city and that contemporary […] these lands are inhabited by a strong and proud population that bases its roots on solid values of popular and family cohesion but always looking forward to the future. ” Claudio Pierattelli