"Il nuovo orizzonte del contract design" conference @ Cersaie | Matrix4Design - Pierattelli Architetture

“Il nuovo orizzonte del contract design” conference @ Cersaie | Matrix4Design

The architect Andrea Pierattelli take part in “the new horizon of contract design” talk held in Cersaie by Matrix4Design for the Famous Bathrooms event.

“What are the strongest trends emerged in the last few years? How much important is personalization? What does design a luxury welcome mean? How would you describe “experience” and “emotion” in the hospitality industry?: these are some of the contents discussed during the talk. A comparison to explore the hotel industry  and trends in the hospitality with a focus on the uniqueness of Italian design. An opportunity also captured by the architect Pierattelli to refer to a new project undertaken by Pierattelli Architectures studio: a 2.0 hostel in Florence, a youth-oriented hostel equipped with services equivalent to the level of a four-star hotel.

Here is a short clip of the video talk: