Pierattelli Architetture 40th anniversary | 1980-2020 - Pierattelli Architetture
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Pierattelli Architetture 40th anniversary | 1980-2020

Founded in Florence by architect Massimo Pierattelli, in this year the studio celebrates 4 decades of activity. 

Characterized by a multidisciplinary approach to the project and animated by an eclectic sensitivity, Pierattelli Architectures is a story that combines craftmanship and typical of the Made in Italy: a family business that draws its strength from the generational transition to constantly redefine its own stylistic code.

The Pierattelli Architetture studio today employs a team of 20 between architects and engineers, led by Massimo Pierattelli together with his sons Andrea and Claudio, who joined the team in 2012 and 2015 respectively.

The generational shift accompanied the firm towards a reinterpretation of its stylistic code, searching a synthesis between functionality, aesthetics, flexibility and innovation. Four decades of projects that are born as a sartorial gesture, attentive to historicity, to the uniqueness of the location and, today more than ever, to sustainability.