NUEVO AZULEJO | 11-2020 - Pierattelli Architetture
NUEVO AZULEJO - Pierattelli Architetture - studio architettura firenze - Reflex - IB Rubinetti - product design



Nuevo Azulejo, specialized Spanish bimonthly, with a focus on bathroom and kitchen design, dedicates an article to Reflex, a vertical remote control produced by IB Rubinetti.

«IB Rubinetti presents Reflex, a line of highly customisable remote controls. The Reflex range is designed by Architetture, who debuts in the world of industrial product. Pierattelli Architetture, architecture studio based in Florence, drew the inspiration from analogue photography to create a product that is both contemporary and refined. Rellex is made of a cylindrical brass body with solid brass rings that regalate the flow of hot and cold water by replicating the working of focusing bezels on a camera lens. The brass used is eco-brass with zero lead content and Reflex, which can be associated with any mouth, is available in 12 finishes, entirely made within IB Rubinetti, which enable new combinations to be created between body and bezel.»