DDN 263 | 01-2021 - Pierattelli Architetture
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DDN 263 | 01-2021


Ddn, international design magazine, dedicate an article to the home of Massimo Pierattelli.

Massimo Pierattelli’s private home conveys the idea of a life dedicated to interpreting reality with a new point of view, capturing the originality of the past through contemporary solutions.

In the building from the 16th century overlooking Piazza de ‘Pitti, on the Florence Oltrarno neighborhood Santo Spirito, is located this apartment expressing ancient and contemporary history, passions, travels, adventures, art. Everything in this house expresses the life of those who live there, architect Massimo Pierattelli, and his wife Roberta Bencini. In the general structure of the house the most classic typology of the Florentine environment of the time was deliberately kept: it elegantly stands out in the exposed beams of the ceiling, in the mullioned windows, in the stone fireplaces, in the arches of the corridors. The scenic power of the house is also given by the blend of past and future expressed in the customized solutions custom-designed by the architect and in the many designer pieces spread with refined strategy. Ethnic souvenirs and works of art reveal memories, life lived with curiosity and interest. The restless passion for the world of design is confirmed by the words of Massimo Pierattelli: “This house is the result not of a single work, but of layred gestures”. These are small, constant changes, which make the spaces unique and full of charm. In the large living room, the threesided custom designed bookcase, gives the house a certain identity: the vertical blocks mark the space, taking up the rhythm of the exposed beams of the ceiling. Research on materials and colors, another key element of the Florence-based architects, can be seen in the plaster of the walls, made with a special lime putty paste, based on isinglass, natural pigments and marble dust. All the lights emphasize the massive size of the home, based on refraction, effects, amplified for example, in the yellow Siena marble of the master bathroom. Reflective and luminous hues liven up the custom-made kitchen featuring handcrafted polished brass details, granite countertop and wood inserts. Tuareg objects, Imba jewels, Persian rugs and lamps, tables, sofas, iconic design objects, interact with each other, reflecting moments of life and family history.