Pierattelli Architetture wins Terna contest for Suvereto substation - Pierattelli Architetture
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Pierattelli Architetture wins Terna contest for Suvereto substation

On Wednesday 3rd February 2021 Terna announced the winner of the tender to design the new Suvereto electricity converter substation.

The project for the new substation forms part of the modernisation of the connection between Sardinia, Corsica and Italy, a major infrastructure that is able to facilitate reduced grid loss and greater integration of renewable sources, allowing Italy to contribute to the completion of the European electricity market and strengthen its role as a natural hub of energy in the Mediterranean area. 

The restricted invitation-only tender aimed to gather proposals that would cover all aspects of the construction project and surrounding area, including buildings, perimeter fences and lighting. Pierattelli Architetture’s design blends seamlessly with the context and presents a new take on architecture.

At the very heart of the design is terracotta (a traditional local material with warm, textural nuances): its texture absorbs the nuances of the surrounding landscape and reflects its tones, beauty and warmth. In the project, modular facades made up of terracotta pieces are fastened to steel cables. The ventilated facade of the warehouse features terracotta too, with an interlinking grid made up of one type of rectangular tile that creates a clean, repeatable pattern. Native plants create a sense of continuity with the nearby farmland and at the same time recall the cultural identity of the area.  

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