VILLE GIARDINI | 07-2021 - Pierattelli Architetture


Ville Giardini dedicated a 12-page in-depth study to Massimo Pierattelli’s house project.


On the top floor of a late 16th century building in the beating heart of Florence, between Piazza de ‘Pitti and via Toscanella, Massimo Pierattelli, founding architect of the Pierattelli Architettura studio, and his wife Roberta, both architects, have transformed an apartment, found in a state of almost monastic austerity, in a warm abode, full of family memories and much loved objects. “We saw that house in passing, after two years of research, when we were almost discouraged,” says Massimo Pierattelli. “We were looking for a house that had ‘a soul’. She had that, and it was love at first sight ”.

An apartment so special that it requires only a restoration and a few small adaptations to the needs of the family, without making major structural changes. “The thing that struck me most immediately was the window on the basilica of Santo Spirito. A mullioned window with a railing which, giving an almost pictorial glimpse of the basilica, manages to give the house a unique charm. The same goes for period fireplaces “.

All this happened about thirty years ago, even if it doesn’t seem like it. The style of the interior design project in fact gave the house, thanks to Roberta, bright colors and a freshness in the furniture choices that make it modern even today.

“The choice of warm and bright colors was aimed at diluting the austerity of the house. From pink to grass green, these combinations had raised some doubts in our friends and relatives. Today we can say with certainty that our choice was the right one ”. The design line adopted by the architect was very clear: to read and interpret the history of these environments, to project it towards the future, rather than to propose it again.

“The reinterpretation of the past creates beautiful mixes, but above all of quality”. First of all, the colors and sofas were chosen. Starting from those other solutions have been adopted to soften or to highlight some aspects until a perfect balance is created. In the more than 300 square meters of the apartment, design icons stand side by side with custom-made pieces designed by Massimo Pierattelli over time. Elements that combine to give the space a unique identity, mirroring the sensitivity of a family that has always passionately dedicated itself to architecture and design, but not only. Entering the house, you are welcomed into a large living room, which restores a solemn and scenographic dimension to what turns out to be the most lived-in place in everyday life. The environment is characterized by a balanced coexistence between period elements and structures with contemporary design pieces. The large room is dominated by the large Renaissance fireplace, flanked by two brightly colored Sity sofas by Antonio Citterio (B&B Italia) and an iconic Arco lamp by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (Flos).

Works of art and ethnic souvenirs help to personalize the environment, evoking memories of family life and passions: a painting by Carlos Albertos Castellanos and Giampaolo Talani; the sculpture on horseback by Paolo Staccioli, Tuareg objects, Imba jewels, collected during travels and a Persian carpet, all linked to visits and meetings, explorations and research on materials, shapes, colors.

There are also many books on art and architecture, kept in the bookcase designed by the architect, made of gray lacquered wood, and made up of three blocks that reflect the modularity and metrics of the ceiling beams. Throughout the house there is a great love for art, also due to the family’s frequentation of artists, such as Egidio Costantini della Fucina

degli Angeli di Venezia, master of contemporary glass sculpture.

“Some of his works, with engravings and personalizations, such as the glass fish head in the living room, have been donated to us on special occasions. They are not just sculptures, they are part of our life ”.