IFJ INDIA 06-2023 - Pierattelli Architetture

IFJ INDIA 06-2023


The redevelopment project retains the structural elements of rationalist architecture while updating the layout with modern interventions to respect the building’s new identity.
Spanning 5000 sq. m., the hotel comprises two main blocks – the first laid out over six levels, the second on a single above-ground level. The designers aimed to preserve the building’s historical importance and original architectural features.
The 250-bed hotel is distributed in dormitories of four and eight beds, along with twelve private rooms. The brand’s approach revolves around the values of sharing, as evident in the design of the bar, restaurant, and shared kitchen available to guests. This is also found in the common spaces, guided by a sense of exchange and informal gatherings.
Being a multifunctional and inclusive space, it offers opportunities for activities such as cooking lessons and sunset yoga. The swimming pool and sun terrace on the top floor with breathtaking views across the Florence skyline is the showstopper. Fine travertine is used for the doorway, stairs, the large plinth, and framing of the profiles of the large façade openings. The exterior structure’s monolithic character and the ivorywhite main façade doorway, accessed by the wide staircase, maintain a minimal elegant effect. The staircase leads to the hall with an adjoining dining area, restaurant/bar, and
kitchen. In addition to some rooms, the
ground floor now has a space fitted out
as a guest kitchen and one reserved for
cooking lessons, and restaurant service
The basement houses a club as well as
the garage, utility rooms, and storage
and service spaces. The rooms with
private facilities occupy the building’s
entire first and second floors. The
architects eliminated the roof layer
and created a rooftop space with a
panoramic pool and sundeck.
YellowSquare offers a range of
services to encourage socializing and
connection, such as clubbing, wellness,
yoga lessons, cooking courses, and
co-working. The food & beverage
experience is split over three levels,
like the periods of the day: the Bargiù
in the basement offers underground
culture and night-time cocktails; the
Barmezzo is a pleasant place during
the daytime and Barsù on the rooftop
with its panoramic views over Florence,
allowing the visitor to relax in the pool
or on the sundeck.
Vibrant yellow and orange and cool
green and blue bring in welcoming
energy. Passageways are enveloped
with a textured sound-absorbing fiber
mounted on the ceilings. Geometric
shapes and colorful walls and floors
define playful and open interiors
creating a youthful space. The interiors
are complemented by works by
Argentinian artist Valentina Chiappero.